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Glass Tile Pendants

by cbaptista on 11/02/2010

Black Starburst Pendant

Hi!  I hope you had a great Halloween!  We had a great night.  Let’s just say we are not in short supply of candy in this household! haha

Sometimes I have what I like to call “Crafter’s Block”.  You know, like “Writer’s Block”.  And, I hate when that happens. I absolutely love making cards, but sometimes creative inspiration just doesn’t strike.  I don’t like taking a “break” because it’s sometimes difficult to get going again.  I think I had a 6 month dry spell last year.  Yikes!

But, I found that if I direct my creative energy elsewhere, it’s easier to get back into the groove.  LOL  This year I started making glass tile pendants.  Whenever I find myself wasting an evening away by staring at my paper and supplies I will make some pendants.  It has definitely helped keep my creative juices flowing!  I have gotten such a great response from my little pieces of wearable art that I decided to sell them on Etsy.  My gallery (here) has my current collection (26!) of glass tile pendants.  I will eventually be listing them on Etsy.  Since it will be my first time selling on Etsy, I will only list a select few at first.  (If you see something you like, contact me and I’ll be sure to list it!)  I’m in the process of setting up shop and I hope to have my grand opening soon.  Wow…and I thought starting a blog/website was scary!  What am I getting myself into now?  haha

Have a great night!


  1. Your glass tile pendants are beautiful! And I totally get the “crafters block”. My mojo is often on vacation.

    • Cynthia permalink

      Thanks! My mojo is definitely on vacation right now! Can’t wait for it to return. :)

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